Step 4

Building Begins

You’ve signed your purchase agreement. You’ve selected your floor plan and made your design choices. You’ve put down your initial¬†deposit. Now, it’s time for construction to begin.

Once we have all the necessary approvals, construction will begin on your new home!
Throughout the process, strict quality controls ensures the highest standards and craftsmanship are met.
Progress payments are paid during different stages of the building process.

Your new home construction comprises of nine distinct stages, from excavating the foundation all the way to the final cleaning and inspection.


Here is a general overview of each stage in our construction process:

STAGE 1: Excavation
STAGE 2: Foundation
STAGE 3: Framing
STAGE 4: Close In/Lock-Up
STAGE 5: Pre-Line
STAGE 6: Linings
STAGE 7: Finishing
STAGE 8: Practical completion
STAGE 9: Code of Compliance Certificate Issued

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